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Bayside Breeze Charter

Bayside Breeze Charter

Bayside Breeze Fastpitch is a non-profit organization established in 1996. The mission of the organization is to provide young women the opportunity to develop as individuals and athletes while learning and performing the skills necessary to excel competitively in FastPitch Softball. The members of the organization have established a support system that enables athletes to develop academically, mentally, and physically; preparing them college and playing collegiate softball.

Bayside Breeze is fast becoming known for their successful programs here on the Eastern Shore with established winning traditions. The coaching and philosophy of this success is installed into all or our current programs. Current age group teams are 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u & 18u with multiple teams per age group and several different classes.

Our philosophy is simple:

Rule #1...HAVE FUN....the most important thing about playing on the BREEZE

Rule #2...Be Umpires, Coaches, Parents and other players.

Rule #3...Be Competitive....Try your best never give up no matter how far up or down you are

Rule #4...WIN THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP......not a rule but something we REALLY want

Rule #5… Place high in the Nationals and World Series events....again not a rule but a statement for where we want to be.

The teams are coached by a mixture of seasoned travel ball coaches, high school coaches, and College Coaches with a history in baseball and softball.

Mike Brenton President 301-512-7986

Jay Covey 18uA (Covey) 410-829-2635

Scott Grey 18uB White 302-841-4549 

Donnie Wright 18uB North 410-924-4485 

Rick Sadler 16uA Black 410-829-2304

Scott Christopher 16uB 410-924-5389

Wade Hopkins 14uB/A 410-924-8336,

Rich White 14u 443-988-1118 (

Kevin Price 14u 

Bryden Strannahan 14u 443-262-6671 (

Kristin Taylor 12u 410-924-3918 (

Chas Senft 12u 443-493-0519 (

Melissa Callahan 10u 410-924-3795 (



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    Mike Brenton

    Bayside Breeze Board President

    Phone: 301-512-986